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OmniPass Enterprise Single Sign-On

OmniPass Enterprise Single Sign-On Successfully achieve your authentication and access management needs with OmniPass Enterprise Single Sign-On solution.
SecureDrive Data Protection
SecureDrive Data Protection Take full advantage of the encryption and security features of Opal-based self-encrypting drives (SEDs) with the SecureDrive comprehensive data protection solution.
OmniPass Client Edition
OmniPass Client Edition Conveniently and securely login to your computer, applications & websites using fingerprint and other biometric authentication.
SecureDisable Asset Protection
SecureDisable Asset Protection Asset protection solution to mitigate laptop theft and prevent unauthorized access to the device powered by lntel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT)
Softex Blog

Softex Blog

Zer0-1 showcases SecureDisable at Microsoft Tech Ed 2013
May 02, 2013 by Udayan Dutta
Softex’s partner in South Africa, Zer0-1 was a part of the Intel stand at the 2013 annual Microsoft Tech Ed ....
SecureDisable showcased at Intel event in Cape Town, SA
March 19, 2013 by Udayan Dutta
On the 28th of February 2013, Imperatech Solutions, reseller partner of Softex in South Africa ....


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Softex is a leading provider of Identity Access Management, Data Protection and Asset Protection solutions. Softex’s OmniPass is an Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO) solution for secure access using strong authentication. OmniPass supports the widest variety of multi-factor authentication mechanisms and devices from conventional authentication such as Windows credentials (i.e., username/password) to strong authentication such as biometrics, smart cards, TPM, tokens, digital signatures, etc. It also provides centralized reporting for compliance adherence such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc by tracking the logon of each user using an auditing and tracking engine that’s built into the product. OmniPass has an encryption engine which allows for easy file and folder encryption and decryption by the users. The OmniPass Enterprise Single Sign-On(ESSO) solution can be centrally managed by the IT administrator asit integrates/sync’s in the backed with Active Directory or Novell eDirectory. OmniPass secures shared workstations and kiosks in an enterprise using strong authentication to avoid delays related to lengthy logins and security risks related to shared passwords. SecureDrive is an addition to Softex’s existing security suite of products to take full advantage of the encryption and security features of TCG Opal self-encrypting drives (SED’s). SecureDrive allows for easy set up and configuration of the encryption and access rights and allows for multiple authentication mechanisms such as fingerprint, smart card, RFID cards and TPM passphrase to unlock the Opal drive.Softex's SecureDisable is a low cost, easy-to-manage Asset Protection solution using Intel AT technology. It can be hosted in the cloud or hosted by enterprise customers and solution providers. The solution can be easily managed using consoles such as Active Directory, BMC Remedy, Web Portal, Command Line Utilities, etc.

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