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Protect your PC against theft or data loss with SecureDisable powered by Intel Anti-theft technology
Now supports Windows 8.1, IE 11 browser and WBF drivers for fingerprint devices
Organizations face a growing number of challenges to protect unwanted access to computers and confidential data caused by theft and unauthorized use.

Powered by Intel Anti-theft technology, Softex SecureDisable is an asset protection solution to mitigate laptop theft, prevent unauthorized access to the device and protect confidential data. Lost or stolen laptops with lntel® Core™ processors and enabled with lntel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) can be indefinitely locked using SecureDisable software. Because it is built into the laptop chipset, lntel® Anti-Theft Technology provides tamper-resistant protection that works even if the OS is reimaged, the BIOS is flashed, the boot order is changed, a new hard drive is installed, or the laptop is disconnected from the network.

SecureDisable has been designed to be easily installed and deployed. It can be securely hosted in the cloud by Softex or hosted by customers and solution providers using enterprise software.

Key Benefits:
  • Policy-based disable/lock of lost or stolen laptop with Intel Anti Theft Technology. Examples:
  • Number of attempts to login exceed a pre-set limit
  • Maximum time allowed between two boot ups is exceeded
  • Disable/lock via IP connection – end user reports the laptop stolen and IT staff sends commands to the laptop to disable it with Intel Anti Theft Technology
  • Optional data protection for sensitive data stored on the drive via Softex secure file/folder encryption. Includes:
  • Feature to automatically destroy Softex file/folder encryption keys when Intel Anti Theft Technology locks the device
  • Feature to restore Softex file/folder encryption keys if device is recovered.
  • Lock Alert – laptop sends a notification to the management console just prior to Intel Anti Theft Technology locking the device.
  • Ability to display a custom message when Intel Anti Theft Technology locks the device.
  • Management Options
  • Out-of-the-box plug-in for Microsoft Management Interface and BMC Remedy
  • API for custom integration
  • Softex management console
  • Supports command line utilities that can be run through power shell scripts to execute major AT functions.
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