With National Cyber Security Awareness Month coming to an end, let’s remind ourselves one last time of the importance of staying safe online.  Though the internet promises to bring people closer and make our lives easier in many ways, all of this technological advancement puts our personal security at risk.

The concept of cyber threats and the crimes related to data and security breaches is not new. In the year 2015 alone, 429 million people were affected from the data breaches.  In the years to follow, this number is going to cross the half a billion mark. Businesses need to maintain personnel data systems where they can ensure their employee’s personal information will remain safe.

Here are 4 ways protect yourself, and your employees, while online…

  • Manage Your Passwords

As your business expands, so does your online presence.  This also comes with an increase of usernames and passwords.  Remembering passwords for different websites and corporate applications is never an easy task.  Writing down your passwords is never safe nor smart.  Keeping a commonly-used password for multiple logins is risky.  Sharing passwords with friends and colleagues can lead to data breaches and costly compliance penalties.  There are number of password managers on the market, such as Omnipass from Softex Inc., that will manage your passwords via strong master passwords or biometric devices like fingerprint readers.  Combining your password manager with strong biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint reader, increases security even more and makes sharing your passwords nearly impossible.  If you are not using a password manager today, make it a point to start today.

  • Implement Single Sign-On for your business

Single Sign-on is password management for the enterprise.  Not only do employees benefit from having their passwords remembered, but it also enables IT Managers to manage their employees and their logins, minimizing the quantity of reset password requests made to the company help desk.  Authentication can be secured by either fingerprint readers, tokens, palm vein readers, etc…providing the ease of use employees will like, while improving on the security your company requires.  This is security and convenience…without the annoying help desk calls.  Softex’s Omnipass Enterprise can do this job for you.

  • Securing Your Drives

In addition to improving on the security of your online account access, now is a good time to check the security of the data stored on your laptops and desktops.  At a minimum, software encryption is required to make sure that if your corporate devices find themselves in the wrong hands, company secrets and confidential data is protected.  Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs) increase the security of the encryption technology by integrating special security processors inside the HDDs to handle the encryption in real time, while the data is being written to the disk.  All of these solutions can be IT managed as well so that laptops and desktops can be serviced and reallocated when employees come and go.  Softex’s SecureDrive can provide full manageability of your self-encrypting drives.

  • Use Biometrics

Thanks to Apple and their introduction to TouchID on the iPhone, the world has seen how biometrics, in the form of a fingerprint scanner in this case, can make security easy.  Fingerprint scanners, as well as other biometric technologies, have come a long way since they appeared unlocking doors in Sci-fi movies 30 years ago.  They work for average consumers, in consumer environments…and they work well.  When combined with single sign on software or password managers, consumers and employees can enjoy single-touch access to their laptops, websites, corporate networks and corporate applications.  OmniPass Enterprise Single Sign-on connects quickly and easily to your Windows Active Directory so biometric technologies can be deployed quickly.  It is a good time for you and your company to take a hard look at the various biometric technologies and solutions on the market today that can benefit your company with little cost, little integration effort and big pay back.

Stay Safe beyond Cyber Security Month….Softex can help!

Softex, with its unique product portfolio, can safeguard your employees information and assure that their privacy will be guarded, both on personal and enterprise level. With OmniPass Enterprise Single Sign-On, Softex can protect your employees’ personal data and information; making their day to day tasks easier…and saving you money.




  1. Lennon John

    Security is one of the most concern factors for any individual especially when one is dealing online. Liked the tips that you mentioned in the article about how one keep his data secure and safe. creating a strong set of username and password is no doubt a better option. But if you have many websites of the same business then it is quite difficult to remember individual set of credentials. Here Single sign on can help users by allowing login to each website of the same business using one set of credentials. What are your views on this?

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