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Too many passwords to remember?

We absolutely hate to remember passwords. We know we need to do it, and we are aware why, but we still don’t like it. Stolen passwords are a serious problem. When your password in compromised, malicious individuals can steal your identity, steal your money, and jeopardize your online reputation. If you reuse passwords, a compromised password on one website could mean unauthorized access for many of your accounts. If an email password is stolen, access to all of your data and private information could be as simple as searching through your online email folders.

To prevent password hacking, we try to practice good habits by using strong, unique passwords for every website. The advice we are given to create strong passwords consists of….

  • Minimum of 12 Characters. The longer, the better.
  • Include numbers, symbols, capital letters, lower-case letters.  Mix them up.
  • Make each password unique.  Do not reuse.
  • Do not make your password an easily-guessable word. Better if it isn’t a real word at all.
  • Don’t make obvious substitutions (0 for the letter “O” and 1 for the lowercase “L”).  Too obvious.

And don’t forget….

  • Remember all of them without writing any of them down.

Password Managers…making it easy to remember strong passwords!

With the total number of websites you use, there is no simple way to remember all of your strong passwords without duplicating them or needing to write them down. This is where a password manager comes in handy. Password managers allow you to create one single master password that can be used as a the master key to unlock the vault containing all of your website passwords…stored security… where no hacker can get access to.

With the right password manager you never have to remember the passwords for each of your websites as the software auto-fills your passwords for you. Since you no longer need to remember them, they can be as strong as you want them to be. Go ahead and make your email password &Jf4L0mFW3@8M. Will you remember this? Nope…but your password manger will, and will fill this in for you when you sign in. You only need to remember one strong master password and let the password manager do the rest.

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Add a fingerprint reader to remember your master password

Don’t want to be bothered with even remembering your single, strong master password? Add a desktop or laptop fingerprint reader to your password manager and let your finger be your master password. This way, there are 0 passwords to remember..not even the master password. Touch or swipe your fingerprint reader and automatically sign-in to all of your websites with your password manager using strong, unique passwords for each website.

Password managers fight Phishing

Password managers can even help combat phishing, as they fill in your username and passwords into websites based on a specific URL or web address that YOU tell it to remember, not one that pops up on your screen unexpectedly. If you are on your bank’s legitimate website, your password manager will prompt you for your master password. If you don’t see the prompt, it’s not the same URL and could possibly be someone trying to phish for your password.

Shouldn’t a Password Manager Remember All of Your Passwords?

While other password managers are browser-based plug-ins helping you remember your website passwords only, password manager like OmniPass from Softex Inc is a fully-secure PC Application, remembering all of your passwords including Windows, Websites, and Applications. If you are going to use a password manager, might as well use one that can remember all of your passwords, right?