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The Need for Biometric Authentication

In an increasingly digital world with more and more devices and platforms connected to each other, protecting confidential information is a difficult task. Passwords and tokens once considered sufficient to provide data security are just not enough to protect against today’s sophisticated attacks.

Biometrics, or the use of authentication devices that look at the unique traits and characteristics of physical attributes of an individual, is ready for prime time. Once considered expensive technology used to secure bank vaults or unlock doors in Sci-Fi films, biometrics such as fingerprint readers, iris scans, or palm vein readers are here today. They work…work well…are affordable…and available in many product offerings.

Passwords are Not Enough

We know this by now. Passwords are just no longer sufficient to provide an acceptable and reliable level of security to protect critical business data,infrastructure and services. Hackers have become so sophisticated in their techniques that they are likely to find at least one weak account, and that is often enough to cause havoc. By relying on password-only security, your business is a target for data breaches and password hacks.

Two-factor Authentication

Passwords = Single factor. That is…something you know. Additional factors consist of something you have (a key, card, cell phone) or something that you are (your fingerprint). When combining an additional “factor” to your authentication, security gets exponentially stronger.

Two-factor authentication is much more secure than using passwords alone and provides a considerable amount of protection against both brute force attacks and poor password practices. There is a small price to pay for convenience (having you use something else) but this is where biometrics comes in. That is, providing this 2nd factor with minimal loss in convenience..

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Biometric Authentication is Secure and Convenient

Each person has his or her own unique fingerprints, which helps to authenticate and Identify themselves quickly and accurately. A simple finger touch or placement of a hand is all that is needed to authenticate. Biometric attributes can not be replicated or shared like a password, therefore end up being a good tool for companies to use to ensure that policies and processes are followed correctly, typically mandated by various compliance organizations. When authentication is a simple finger touch, employees use it, and can use it often, enabling the use of longer, stronger passwords and enabling them to use them many times per day.

Software Solutions Bring Out the Benefits

Whether it’s TouchID allowing you to unlock your iPhone, enabling you to sign in to your bank account via your mobile phone or Windows computer, or Microsoft enhancing Windows 10 with its Hello feature, biometrics has become mainstream. The majority, if not all, good password managers on the market today support biometric technologies. If they don’t…they need to. Softex’s OmniPass password manager and its OmniPass Enterprise Single Sign On have been supporting biometrics for over 15 years enabling end users to access their personal and company-controlled applications with a single touch of a finger.

If you haven’t taken a hard look at adding biometrics to your security solutions you should…it will end up being time well spent. Biometric solutions such as fingerprint scanners work well, are secure and affordable, and can increase your company’s security as well as help your company meet compliances and save you money.