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Meeting corporate regulatory compliance is a pain

Implementation of these demanding requirements is expensive and requires a significant resource commitment. It is commonly perceived as a necessary evil to satisfy auditors and very rarely seen as an opportunity to improve processes, increase security and generate some real business value.

There are solutions out there that with a little more effort and investment can build a strong foundation that will not only comply with HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley but will also increase your company’s security, contribute to ongoing continuous process improvement and most importantly save you money by greatly reducing the number of costly password-related help desk calls.

What is Single Sign On?

Single Sign On (SSO) is a more secure and more convenient way to sign into all your company’s websites and in-house applications with one login, regardless of whether these applications are websites are cloud based, in house, or even cross platform. Instead of having to remember and manage different usernames and passwords across the networks, SSO utilizes a central service that signs you into a variety of applications at once. Even better, IT managers and staff have a single console to centrally-manage the company’s logins and authentications.

Increase Security…Save Money

The good news is that after implementing OmniPass Enterprise SSO into your environment your compliance efforts are starting to pay off. You have track records in place for user access and accountability which will impress your compliance auditors. Even better news? You have a company-wide authentication solution that is secure, easy to use and will save your company money.

According to Gartner Group, between 20%-50% of all help desk calls are for password resets. Forrester Research states that the average help desk labor cost for a single password reset is approximately $70.

OmniPass Enterprise SSO will reduce the number of password reset requests by eliminating passwords from your organization. In the end, the same solution implemented for the purpose of meeting HIPPA or SOX compliance will enable you to reduce your help desk calls, and save your company money.

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