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Enterprise Class Password Management

Minimize employee sign-in time by enabling single sign-on to
multiple accounts with a single biometric authentication

With Multi-factor authentication (MFA), you can add a layer of
security that protects you against the leading cause of data breach —
compromised credentials!

Reduce Frauds | Retain Customers

A key benefit of using OmniPass Enterprise SSO is the centralized
recording of all user management and login activity. The audit trail
records all user changes and activity, which can be used for monitoring
and compliance purposes.

Softex & the FIDO Alliance

Softex Incorporated is a proud member
of FIDO alliance since 2016

Softex’s products support FIDO (2.0)
W3CAuthn standard with FIDO hardware
built into PC (e.g. laptop fingerprint
reader, or Windows Hello)

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